[General] 10.12.2013 17:39:14: New Page is Online

So I made some tests and it looks like the page is stable and the content survives the data model migrations (which means that I can continue to work on my page without losing all date :D). Atombrot.com is officially online :D

To celebrate this I have uploaded a track I'm currently working on: Download


[Code] 10.12.2013 14:38:51: Added Battle Pong and Imbarinth

I'm still checking out what I can do with this page. I just found out that no java backend is needed for the exported GWT versions of libgdx games. So after a brief test I got imbarinth and battle pong running on my server. Please keep in mind that battle pong is still very early in the development process. There aren't even any sound fx until now ;) Also, it is an unoptimized version (basically the same version as desktop or android without any changes), so it might run slow on some machines or browsers (chrome runs mostly well, firefox sometimes hangs... forget IE XD). For mor information check my code section.

Pongbat Screenshot 02

Play battle pong alpha


Imbaringth Screenshot

Desktop Android (Playstore) Web GL

[General] 08.12.2013 12:56:58: New Page is Online

So, it's been a while and I wanted to have this finished some months ago. As you might know, things don't always play out the way you expect to. But now, with Ludum Dare 28 right in front of our door, I wanted to complete my page so far, so I can at least write some blog posts ;)